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Your Mobile is now your bank! Now access your bank account and conduct a host of banking transactions and inquiries through your mobile, with our unique MobileBanking service.
What can I do using MobileBanking?

Our MobileBanking service provides a host of features at your finger-tips through SMS:

Get your balance details
Obtain your last 3 transaction details
Request a cheque book
Stop a cheque payment
Enquire cheque status
Request an account statement
Get Fixed Deposit details
Request for Internet PIN re-generation
Pay your bills*

View our MobileBanking Demo to find out more about the service.

How does it work?

MobileBanking works through a set of text messages (SMS). With SMS you can perform a wide range of query-based transactions from your mobile phone, without even making a call.

All you need to do is to type in the specified code for the transaction as a text message and send it to 5676712.

See designated codes for GSM Phones
See designated codes for Reliance India Mobile Phones
You will receive the response in the form of a text message on your mobile phone screen within a few seconds.

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What is MobileBanking?
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