KYC updation form for Individuals

1. Instructions to fill the form:

  • Please furnish self attested address proof even when there is no change in address.
  • Click here for list of acceptable identity and address proof.
  • In absence of valid address proof, the address proof of a close relative with whom account holder is residing may be provided along with a declaration from the close relative and the close relative’s ID and address proof. This declaration should state that account holder is a close relative and resides at the said address.
  • In case of joint accounts separate forms need to be filled by the joint holders.
  • Self attested copy of Aadhaar card has to be attached for Aadhaar number updation.The account number mentioned in this form will be linked with the Aadhaar number.
  • Please contact the nearest HDFC Bank branch to know more details

2. Please Note:

  • Kindly print the completed Form.
  • Affix your original signature on the form and furnish a self attested copy of your proof of identity and address.
  • Send the request through a Courier or with a Bearer to the nearest branch.
  • The applicant can also personally visit the nearest branch.
  • Your KYC will be updated within 5-6 working days post receipt of the request along with the relevant documents at the branch.
  • On successful KYC updation the customer will receive a confirmation message on the registered mobile number.
  • For any other queries or to know the status of an existing application, please call up PhoneBanking or write to us with the details mentioned below:
    • HDFC Bank Branch where your request was submitted.
    • Date when your request was submitted.