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Fees & Rates
Fees charged for online transfers?

Minimum Amount of USD to execute a transaction is USD 100
Maximum Amount of USD that can be sent in one transaction is USD 5000

USD Limits
Duration Transaction No. Amount
Daily 5 10,000
Weekly 10 12,000*
Annual 25 25,000

*One week count starts from the day the money from the previous remittance reaches beneficiary account in India.

Transaction limits for online transfers

A transaction charge of Rs. 25/- (Inclusive of service tax & education cess) per transaction will be deducted from the converted remittance amount, effective May 16, 2008. Additionally, in case there is a Demand Draft delivery to be done for amounts between SGD 250 to SGD 1999, there will be a further charge of SGD 5.

Fees and charges are subject to change; HDFC Bank reserves the right to modify the charge schedule without prior notice.

The applicable exchange rate for my remittances?
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